Robot Design Contest

Robot and Mecha Fans of the world unite! HeidelBÄR Games is looking for creative minds who would like to see their vision of an iconic Robot become a real 3D miniature for our board game VOLT.

In VOLT the RFL (Robot Fighting League) sends 4 robot gladiators from various nations into the arena for the ultimate world championship. Each robot has his unique design and also a special ability (e.a. Jet-Pack attack) . Only 4 robots have entered the championship yet. Time to change this! Maybe your robot will join the ranks of the world’s most respected steel gladiators.

Check out this short trailer to learn about the 4 already existing robot gladiators in VOLT – the Boardgame.

You like the idea of your vision of a robot becoming a real thing? You are welcome! Here is how you can participate in our contest:

Now it is time to be creative. How should your robot look? What can it do?

Draw a sketch, edit a picture, build something with household items, or make a blueprint, whatever is easiest for you works. We just need to understand how your robot should look like. It does not have to be pretty.

Submit your robot draft until the 16th of August 2020 by filling out this online form.

HeidelBÄR Games will then choose a winner who will get a 3D printed plastic miniature of his or her robot. The three best drafts receive a copy of VOLT – The Boardgame.

Should your robot be chosen as the winner of our contest, we will send a sculpted 3D plastic miniature of your robot and an English copy of VOLT – The Boardgame to you. Eventually your robot might become a published new playable character for VOLT – The Boardgame.

This is a world wide contest. The winners will be informed via a separate email. The prices (miniature and games) will only be sent to accesable addresses.

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